DUI License Suspension Alabama

DUI License Suspension Alabama
At some point in your life, you’ve probably heard someone say “driving is a privilege, not a right.” Although it is one of the most common warnings offered to new drivers, few drivers are aware of the truth of the statement. However, for drivers charged with driving under the influence (DUI), that old saying suddenly takes on a whole new meaning, as the penalties for a conviction often includes a DUI license suspension.

Although the penalties for DUI in Alabama vary greatly based on your previous criminal history, the sentence for a first-time offender may include a one-year jail sentence, up to a $2,100 fine, and a 90-day license suspension. The court may also require certain offenders to complete an approved alcohol treatment program as part of their punishment.

Repeat offenders face even harsher penalties if they are found guilty of DUI. In addition to serving a mandatory jail sentence and paying hefty fines, these individuals face even longer license suspension: one year for a 2nd offense, three years for a 3rd offense, and five years for the 4th and beyond.

Many drivers think that refusing a breath, blood, or urine test will decrease their chances of being convicted of DUI. Unfortunately, this is not the case. In fact, refusing any type of alcohol testing is a crime in and of itself. As a result, your license will be suspended for 90 days immediately for violating the implied consent law—and this suspension can be enforced even if your DUI charges are dropped in criminal court.

While the penalties for DUI are quite severe, some of the damaging repercussions of a DUI conviction occur long after you’ve served your sentence and gotten your license back. Once your insurance provider learns of your conviction, for example, your rates are sure to skyrocket—often costing two to three times more than your previous rates. Oftentimes, the insurer may even drop your coverage completely due to your newfound status as a “high-risk driver.” 

You can also expect problems if a potential employer, housing provider, or anyone else performs a background check on you, as your DUI conviction will remain on your criminal record indefinitely. Once you’ve been found guilty of DUI, you may even be ineligible for opportunities in the future—individuals convicted of DUI, for example, are often unable to obtain a commercial driver’s license (CDL).

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