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Alabama DUI Laws

Alabama DUI

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Despite the fact that most people know drunk driving is a crime, thousands of drivers are arrested each year for violating their state’s driving under the influence (DUI) laws. Depending on the state in which they were arrested, these individuals face serious legal consequences if convicted of the offense—and Alabama DUI laws impose some of the toughest penalties in the nation.

Contrary to popular belief, a driver does not actually have to be impaired in order to be charged with DUI. Under Alabama’s DUI per se laws, a person can also be charged with DUI if he or she is driving with an illegal blood alcohol content (BAC) level (0.08% or higher)—regardless of his or her driving abilities. You can even be charged with DUI if you are intoxicated while in a parked vehicle!

The exact penalties for driving under the influence in Alabama are based largely in part on the driver’s prior record. A first-time offender, for instance, will receive a much lighter sentence than someone who has been convicted of DUI in the past. Even so, the penalties for a first DUI offense are quite serious—up to a one-year jail sentence, fines of $600 to $2,100, and a 90-day license suspension. In some cases, the court could even require you to undergo treatment for substance abuse.

In addition to criminal charges, the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) may also file separate civil charges against you once they learn of your arrest. If the DMV finds you are guilty of DUI, your license will most likely be suspended for 90 days or more—and that’s in addition to any suspension you receive from the criminal court.

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